The main differences between Elden Ring and Dark Souls 3

Elden Ring was released on February 25, many gaming publications and bloggers have already expressed their opinion about the game. Most agree that FromSoftware has made a quality successor to the Dark Souls series. But still, the new game has brought a few mechanics that should make it more friendly and popular. The main differences between Elden Ring and Dark Souls 3 will be discussed today.

Stealth and Special Arrows:

Combat in Elden Ring hasn’t changed much since Dark Souls. There are parries and rolls in the game, weapon swings consume stamina, some types of shields can completely block enemy attacks. Having a lot of experience in fighting in Dark Souls games, the average player will most likely not notice the difference.

However, it is, Elden Ring has stealth. The main character can sneak up on the enemy and inflict a critical hit (if the enemy is weak, kill him). This allows you to easily clear enemy camps without entering into a head-on confrontation with many enemies. This is also facilitated by sleep arrows, which immerse opponents in a dream.

Faithful Assistant:

At the very beginning of the game, the main character has the opportunity to summon a horse. With the help of which, it is much easier to explore a huge open world (and return for lost souls) or escape from a crowd of monsters. However, on a horse, you can not only run away but also accept the fight with honor.

Horse Dark Souls

Spectacular fight on horseback

It will most likely end badly. The horse disappears after several blows, and the main character is on the ground and tries to get up for several seconds. Which often leads to inevitable death.

Horse jumps and double jumps:

It would seem that such an insignificant detail as a jump is not able to greatly affect the gameplay, but not in Elden Ring. The developers tried to make the world vertical and they succeeded. The game has many gorges, hills, and swamps, which are located at different heights. Which makes it difficult to travel around the world. Fortunately, there are air “elevators” in the game that can throw the hero onto a high cliff.

Elden Ring Horse

Parkour on a horse

 Also, your mount has a double jump. Which makes it even easier to move around the world and climb into the most inaccessible corners of the map.

True open world

In Elden Ring, you will find a completely open world, not a collection of large locations. So far, this is still not the level of the Witcher or Zelda, but it already reminds me of Skyrim. During the journey, the player will be able to stumble upon a random boss, find a mysterious cache, or clear an “outpost” (for which he will receive a flask with health). Also, many different opponents move across the vast expanses, some of them fight among themselves. Beetles with various buffs (potions, weapon upgrades) crawl across the plains and small Elden trees grow.

Each location has its own unique style, history, and different opponents. Which, in principle, is not much different from the world in Dark Souls. However, it is worth remembering that in Elden Ring the world is completely seamless.

Still the same Souls-like:

Elden Ring

Gatherings by the fire

Despite all the above, the new Elden Ring is the good old Souls-like. With the usual combat, campfire gatherings, interesting (and spectacular) opponents, an exciting storyline, a beautiful world, and countless deaths. Overall a good continuation of the Dark Souls series.