Zoe Franznick, narrative designer of Pentiment, will also collaborate on this Obsidian project

Avowed the new role-playing game developed by Obsidian for Xbox Series X and S, and PC, adds Zoe Franznick, the narrative designer of that little pearl that is Pentiment, to its staffan exclusive game for Microsoft platforms and available at no additional cost on Game Pass.

Zoe Franznick is a well-known screenwriter and medievalist, as well as presenter of the “Maniculum” podcast. The confirmation of her comes both from the linkedin profile of the screenwriter, and from her a direct announcement of her in which she claimed to have been promoted to Associate Narrative Designer in Obsidian. Given the care in the script of Pentiment, the real strong point of this title, we can only be even more intrigued by what the final result of the long-awaited Avowed will bea title of which little information has been disclosed at the moment.

About a year ago, still in January 2022, it had been announced how Ryan Warder, a former Producer with many years of experience in BioWare and Riot Games, had landed in Obsidian to work on the “mysterious” Avowed. Signs that make us understand how Microsoft and Obsidian are concretely aiming to make this new role-playing game a spearhead of the playground offered by the Redmond giant.


According to the insider Jez Corden, in February 2022 had speculated that the title would be released in 2023even in the first half of the year, but at the moment in the absence of any official announcements, all of this remains just a rumor without any foundation. The hope is that the wait will be worthily rewardedeven in the face of important and promising names who are gradually joining the development team.

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Source: LinkedIn