Zeta Halo totally recreated in Unreal Engine 5. The result is breathtaking!

Unreal Engine 5 is a phenomenal tool, and when this tool gets into the hands of capable developers, wonders come out. Now, take this and multiply it by 10because Halo is involved in this. A developer has in fact created “Zeta Halo” an experience ‘unofficial‘of the 343 Industries game made using Unreal Engine 5. The result, you can see it with your own eyes, is wonderful. Installation 07 has never been so beautiful.

This masterpiece was recreated by Infinite Forgesdeveloper who has delighted in devising a level that can follow Zeta Halo as much as possible. The weight of the mod is about 4GB, and it is totally explorable by the players. The developer even decided to write a short story about it, so as to make the experience even more engaging.

“In an unspecified location in Zeta Halo, the Chief was sent to search for the remains of the ring in hopes of finding out more about this ancient alien technology”writes the developer, explaining among other things that this is only the second of various projects to come, all fully explorable.


Tech Art was created by Gearshift Media, while the models of the structures built by the Forerunners were made by the user Spartan 0398. Infinite Forges then imported everything onto Unreal Engine 5 using Nanite, so as to import the model entirely and without loss of quality.

The result, well, you can see it with your own eyes. To be just a nuisance hair, perhaps the modder has exaggerated with the lights, but nothing special. In any case, you can download the level – called Zeta Halo Experience – directly by going to the link at the bottom. Speaking of Unreal Engine 5, we also invite you to watch the reproduction of the Toyama station created by Lorenzo Drago.

Source: Infinite Forges