your choices will also affect the ending

Each choice will matter in Hogwarts Legacy. To reveal it are the developers of Avalanche Software who have highlighted how every action will push our character in one direction rather than another. The RPG title set in the magical world of Harry Potter produced by WB Games will arrive on February 10, 2023 on PC and consoles.

During the live organized by Avalanche Software to present some gameplay features, someone pointed out a detail that had initially gone unnoticed. To talk about it was the director Andrew Tew. During the event organized by Avalanche we got to see how – also in Hogwarts Legacy – our character will be faced with choices to make both as actions and as interactions with other characters. Tew explained that each of these choices will affect the evolution of the story in a different way, even affecting the ending.

The evolution of history will be conditioned by this series of choices. Some, for example, could go so far as to preclude entire plot branches. Tew further explains that not all choices will have such a significant impact though. Some, more trivially, will allow you to get to know a particular character better or a certain detail. There is no way to know precisely when we will find ourselves at a fundamental crossroads, then it is better to think carefully about what to do each time. Other details of the live concern the exploration of the castle and the character editor.


Have you already pre-ordered Hogwarts Legacy? You can do it from the convenient Amazon box that we have prepared for you below. The game is expected on February 10, 2023 on PC and all consoles, old and current gen.

Source: PC Games – Avalanche Software