you can transfer Hisui’s Voltorb and Electrode …

A little less than 10 days ago, the Pokemon Home app was finally made compatible with the last 2 titles of the franchise; for a few hours, however, it has been Pokemon GO to have been updated, so from make 2 Pokemon transferable in particular. We are talking about Voltorb and Electrode in their Hisui form / variant:

“After the release of Pokémon HOME Update 2.0 last week, Niantic has updated Pokémon GO to allow Hisuian Voltorb and Hisuian Electrode to be sent to Pokémon HOME from Pokémon GO. This allows you to send Pokémon in standard Poké Balls (…) “

Therefore the work of Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, Game Freak and Niantic to make the pocket monsters franchise is increasingly connected, including video games (both main series and spin-offs), mobile apps and other platforms (multimedia and otherwise).

Pokemon GO and Pokemon Home: also compatibility with the next chapters?

Let us not forget, in fact, that they have already been announced the next 2 chapters of the saga: Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet (these are the Italianized names), arriving towards the end of 2022, more or less like it was for the remakes of Diamante and Perla last year.

It is therefore to be expected that in these 6 months of waiting the updates for the Pokemon Home app (and equally, of Pokemon GO), will have a central place in the development of Japanese videogame houses and companies. Always stay tuned with us at iCrewPlay not to miss all future updates.