Yoshihiro Togashi confirms the arrival of new chapters

Hunter x Hunter is about to return, after a full four year absence. As reported by Nibellion, Hunter x Hunter creator created a Twitter account where he confirmed the arrival of four chapters.

The photo available on the social network shows only the corner of a drawing board, so much so that it is also difficult to understand if it is Hunter x Hunter, but the description of the post leaves little room for misunderstandings: “four more chapters for now», In reality it must be specified that the word used by the Japanese is“ episodes ”, but perhaps it is a method to make it clear that these are new chapters of Hunter x Hunter. The last time we saw one, by chapter, it was in 2018.

Furthermore, it must also be said that we do not know if it is really an official account of the creator of the manga or if it is someone who enjoys creating chaos around the work. However, as he also points out Nibellion in his thread, Murata also posted a tweet that seems to confirm this. But also Riichiro Inagaki seems to allude to the arrival of new chapters. For this reason, it looks like Hunter x Hunter is about to make his return.

Obviously all of this has generated hype mixed with indifference, since it has been so long that we have not heard of the manga that now there are both those who are happy with this announcement, and those who are completely disinterested in reading the mangasince it is not weeks or months, but years of waiting.

To find out more, you just have to wait and follow this new profile, since the mangaka wasted no time and immediately launched a important news from your newly created account. Who knows if there will be others and what they will be. For now, you just need a lot of patience.