Yahoo! Shopping May 14th and 15th, up to 34.5% reduction

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For Ymobile and Softbank smartphone users, by linking with Yahoo! JAPAN IDYahoo! PremiumYou can use it, or you can be eligible for Yahoo! Shopping and ebookjapan’s advantageous campaigns (increased return rate and special coupons).


Featured high reduction store

Kojima PayPay Mall store
Home appliances, PCs, smartphones and games are sold at Kojima’s online shop. It is not uncommon for products that are frequently targeted for “double! Double! Store” and have a return rate of over 30%. It’s even more profitable on days when campaigns overlap, such as Sundays and days with 5 days, so it’s a good idea to check the products you care about frequently.

Increased point redemption rate

There is an upper limit on grants, so be careful when purchasing high-priced items.


By achieving the conditions, the return rate will increase.

  1. PayPay payment conditions are met and the next month’s return rate is + 0.5%
    • 30 payments (payment of 300 yen or more) / month
    • 50,000 yen / month
  2. Return rate + 2% for the following month by using 3 of the following 5 services
    Payment of the specified amount or more is required per order
  3. Yahoo! Premium MemberThen + 2%
  4. + 2% with account linkage
    • Link your PayPay account with your Yahoo! JAPAN ID
  5. Return rate of the next month + 2% by winning a gold medal
    • Achieve all conditions 1 to 4

Enjoy pack

Enjoy pack
This service allows Ymobile users to subscribe for 550 yen per month. You can use the following three benefits.

  • 500 yen coupon that can be used at Yahoo! Shopping and PayPay Mall
  • Increase the point return rate of Yahoo! Shopping and PayPay Mall
  • Packet for 550 yen


This ebook service is recommended for Yahoo! Premium members. We handle more than 600,000 manga, which is one of the largest in Japan.Especially high reduction rateFridayIt is recommended to purchase at. You will receive a 50% OFF coupon when you log in for the first time. (Use 6 times, expiration date 60 days, discount upper limit 500 yen)

[The world's largest selection of ebooks / comics]ebookjapan

Introducing cheap plans for Ymobile & Softbank Hikari

It is displayed at the price including tax.

Yahoo! Shopping is a recommended store for Ymobile and SoftBank Hikari users. If you are thinking of making a contract, take advantage of the great discounts.YmobileSimple planIs a family discountSoftbank HikariBoth set discounts with and are discounted by 1188 yen, which is a great deal. The two discounts cannot be used together, so choose the one that is applicable.

All-you-can-eat for 1760 yen for people over 60 years old + 3GB (Simple S + Flat rate with anyone at supermarket + Family discount or Home discount)

The basic plan does not include any free calls. You need to subscribe to the option of 770 yen per month for “Flat rate with anyone” that makes domestic calls within 10 minutes free, and 1870 yen per month for “Flat rate with anyone” that makes domestic calls over 10 minutes free. .. However, if you are over 60 years old, you can make unlimited domestic calls for 770 yen because you can get a 1100 yen discount from the fixed amount with any supermarket.60 years old and over Call discount campaign

The only condition is that you are over 60 years old, and there are no restrictions on the smartphone model or period. If you subscribe to a flat rate with anyone at the supermarket, the discount will be applied automatically.
All prices including tax
Simple S Simple M Simple L
Monthly usage fee 2178 yen 3278 yen 4158 yen
After applying the discount 990 yen 2090 yen 2970 yen
High-speed data communication capacity 3GB 15GB 25GB
Communication speed at low speed Up to 300Kbps Up to 1Mbps Up to 1Mbps
Call charge 22 yen / 30 seconds
Flat rate with anyone
All-you-can-eat (10 minutes / time)
770 yen
Flat rate with anyone in the supermarket
All-you-can-eat (no limit)
1870 yen
60 years old and over 1100 yen discount

Featured campaign

From March 17, 2021Free of chargebecame.

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