Xzone sales charts for games, consoles, merchandise and vinyl in February

This February was marked by a pair of long-awaited and, for many, also controversial games. After many delays, we are finallyčně they could visit the wizarding world of Hogwarts Legacy and also visit the contaminated Soviet utopia in Atomic Heart.

Hogwarts Legacy celebrated success right from the start of pre-orders, and the version for next-gen consoles, which came out in February, soared to the first place in sales. After the adventure from the school of magic and magic, there is a continuation of the popular RTS series, Company of Heroes 3. This strategic series takes place in the Czech Republic. it has enjoyed great popularity since the beginning, which is also helped by the high-quality Czech translation. The first trio is rounded off by the mysterious Atomic Heart, which ultimately turned out to be a very good game. Two more made their way into the top ten andě February News, Like a Dragon: Ishin! and Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe.

PlayStation 5 continues to rule the Czech market. The console žebříček is no different from that of January and in the near future; nor do we expect significant changes in customer demand.

In the first position in merchandise, the month in řadě it didn’t change anything either. The book Level – About games and people has čtenářů still a huge success. So that not whenž it is a really honest work of the cult česque časopis. New Stranger Things figurines from the so far last fifth series of the series were placed in other positions. The main villain Vecna ​​and the brave Max must not be missing in the collection of any “POPka”. Wedged between this pair is a musical figure with the motif of Linkin Park’s legendary Reanimation album, also from the popular řad Funko POP.

February’s special week is devoted to vinyl. After a long čwaiting totiž a new edition of the soundtrack of one of the best RPGs of recent years has been released – Divinity: Original Sin 2. We were very pleasantly surprised by the instant entry into the soundtrack album and to see them playing. they also enjoy listening to classic RPGs. Not even the soundtrack classic, performed by both works, appeared on Divinity. The Last of Us, which is an excellent serial adaptation from the current popularity. “We continue to see enormous interest in The Last of Us themed parties. It is clear that the players are really satisfied with the series and the iconic soundtrack behind Gustav Santaolalla is not easy to listen to,” adds Ondřej Macoun, specialist in vinyl records at Xzone.