Xbox, the DRM has been updated allowing offline access to games

The Redmond giant has improved the DRM of its consoles through a new update.

One of the aspects that has most irritated fans of over time Xbox it can only be the DRMwith many of these strongly annoyed because due to this feature it was sometimes not possible to play a title in their possession, even in physical version, without having a Internet connection active required to check to start the turn game.

Microsoft has improved the DRM of recent Xbox consoles through a new update

But after a long time, the problem seems to have been solved precisely in these hours since the giant of Redmond seems to have managed to improve his DRMor “Digital rights management“, Through a new update. In fact, now the owners of a gaming console from Microsoft they can play their favorite titles without being connected to Internet.

In a YouTube video explaining the update in question, Hikikomori Media pointed out that access is now possible offline to the games Xbox Series X | S And One owned by users, without being forced to carry out the online check-in to get them going. However, we specify how this is still necessary to start the titles present within the Game Passor those in backwards compatibility belonging to Microsoft’s first console or even those of 360.

And this is a novelty of some weight since it was previously necessary for users to set their console as “home“(Principal) for playing offlinebut despite this some titles still did not start without having one active connection.