Xbox Series X, the white model appears in a Logitech TV commercial

Is the white model coming too?

In these hours a new advertising spot has been published entirely dedicated to Astro Gaming from Logitechwhere fans noticed a rather strange and unusual fact: a Xbox Series X characterized by a brand new color white.

And that was a pretty surprising fact, as this white model first appeared in a new headphone line ad. Astro Gaming owned by Logitechwith these new wireless headsets A30 that we remember will be compatible with Series X | S, PS5 and also other platforms.

Fans spotted a white Xbox Series X model in a new Logitech TV commercial

The spot in question has therefore put one on display in the foreground Xbox Series X white together with a normal one PS5all with microphones Blue white and pink Yeti which are part of a collaboration between Logitech And Blue.

Obviously it is important to underline that it cannot be absolutely excluded that Astro Gaming from Logitech has decided to use a white skin customized for Series Xso as to make it much more similar to the other products on the scene.

However, we also point out that the company has not customized the design of the other products featured in this TV commercial, with the sole Xbox Series X white to establish itself as a new product and not available for purchase on the market. In fact we remember how Microsoft currently made purchasable only Series X Blackwith white dedicated exclusively to the cheapest console Series S.

The Verge asked for a comment Microsoft about this situation, but has not yet received an official response from the representatives of the American giant.