Xbox sells more than PlayStation after 8 years

Xbox it has won the hearts not only of Europeans, who continue to wait for additional supplies to replenish their homes with its presence, but also of the Japanese. Usually, in the land of the rising sun it was normal to buy the classic Sony console and for this reason everyone expected a huge sales boom for the new one PlayStation 5. Well, this statement is no longer admissible; after 8 years of firsts, Sony sees a clear defeat.

Apparently, Microsoft’s console has been hugely successful; between 9 and 15 May there have been historic peaks between hardware and software sales, including the much loved one Xbox Series S. Not to mention the Nintendo Switch holder of the first place in the standings, which grinds results with every passing minute. In a nutshell, the data reveals that Sony has failed to have a good market strategy and, as it turns out, it would be an almost worldwide phenomenon. Let’s not forget that every company is taking care of the chip crisis in recent years and this has affected the drastic decline in consumer purchases. Obviously for the few stocks available.

Xbox Series S: 6,120 units sold

Nintendo Switch OLED takes first place with 35,868 units sold and immediately after we find the standard version, the Lite and so on up to the infamous console Series S from Microsoft. Well, the latter managed to sell 6,120 units compared to PlayStation 5, which came in at only 2,240 units. What makes this ranking interesting is the fact that the other version of the console much loved sold only 105 units. An impressive figure for Xbox Series Xif we think about how much the sister sold.

The data seems to be always growing and during the next few weeks we will see the results both on the European front and, at this point, on the Japanese one. Especially for Nintendo Switch, which has been on the market for much longer than other consoles and which still manages to be more appreciated. As for the old woman PlayStation 4, which holds the tenth place in this ranking. One thing is certain: the public always manages to deny the predictions. Would you like to increase Italy in the weekly ranking? Well, know that the console has been so awarded by the public is available on Amazon at a cost of € 284.96instead of € 299.99.

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