Xbox players are asking for Achievements to be included in Classic games

Xbox fans are demanding that Microsoft follow Sony’s path with the Plus Premium.

In these days Sony Bend Studio confirmed that the Siphon Filterincluded within the new maximum tier of PlayStation Plusthat Premiumwill also offer users AI support Trophiescomplete with Platinum included. And given this news, many users are online Xbox they asked Microsoft to follow the path taken by Sony Interactive Entertainment inserting the Targets within the first console games.

In fact, following the announcement of the Japanese company’s development team, we owe, among others, the recent one Days Gonenot a few fans on Twitter have started to publish a whole series of tweets that ask the Redmond giant to insert with dedicated updates the Achievement on games belonging to the first license plate console Xbox.

After the inclusion of Trophies in PS1 games, Xbox users are also asking for a similar move from Microsoft

Obviously, among these fans we also find in the front row Stallion83one of the greatest hunters of Targets able to reach the impressive figure of the first 2 million Gamerscore pointshe asked Microsoft to follow the path taken by Sony Interactive Entertainment with the new backwards compatible game for PlayStation 1.

And in making this request, the boy also attached a small video showing a whole series of titles belonging to the first console of the giant to which we owe Windows, where among these it is impossible not to mention Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2, Black, The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, Jade Empire, Psychonauts, Max Payne and finally also Dead or Alive.

PlayStation adds trophies to retro PSOne titles. Please Xbox, do the same with games for the first Xbox too!