Xbox Live turns 20 and Microsoft celebrates the service with a dedicated Tweet

Microsoft celebrates twenty years of the service dedicated to online gaming.

During this day of November 15, 2022 Xbox Live has accomplished 20 yearswith Microsoft which obviously celebrated this important anniversary through a commemorative twitter, where the American giant also took the opportunity to thank all the fans who have decided to join their gaming ecosystem over all these years.

Xbox Live turned 20. Here is the celebratory message from Microsoft

Below you can read the message entrusted to the official tweet shared in these hours by Microsoft:

“They have passed 20 years since Xbox Live first went online and the memories warm and excite us inside. Thanks to the fans and players, old and new, who stuck with us!”

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, the American giant has released all over the world Xbox Live during the day of November 15, 2002obviously on the company’s first gaming console Redmond to which we owe, among others, the famous operating system for pc, windows.

And this was a real watershed for the entire video industry video games, seeing that before that moment the online game on consoles was undoubtedly an accessory and even a niche element. This because Microsoft with the advent of live made the actual available first infrastructure dedicated to online gaming on consoles, thanks to which all users could communicate easily with contacts in your own friends listalso starting voice chats so as to facilitate the various online sessions.

The release of Xbox Live it also led the competition represented by sony And Nintendo to adapt, kicking off respectively the PlayStation Plus and al Nintendo Switch Online.