Xbox has so many games that it struggles to organize launches, according to Matt Booty

Microsoft’s near future looks rich, perhaps too rich!

That the gaming landscape Xbox being rich is now an undeniable thing, which only the most blind fanboys devoted to Japanese competition could deny, or those who, even if they believe they are expert gamers, do not know how to look further into the triple A titles of great fame, thus proving to be at the end of the fair the less experienced type of gamer, that is, the one who follows the trend of the mainstream – which is equivalent to defining oneself as rock experts knowing only the top-10 pieces.

Xbox has many games on the launch pad, so much so that they have trouble organizing launches:

The recent event Xbox & Bethesda Game Showcase 2022 showed the many arrows in the quiver of Microsoft, including in-depth information on already known titles but also showing others that are unpublished, or which at most had only been heard of for rumors. The peak of the event then came with the few words that Hideo Kojima has ruled to formalize its ongoing work to develop an exclusive title for devices Microsoftwhich will exploit, among other things, the advanced cloud technology of the Redmond giant.

The event then concluded with a long sequence of game scenes taken from the highly anticipated Starfieldwhich showed the great variety of environments that it will offer, the quality of the artistic direction and in general the mammoth dimensions of the project – the only negative note the too many drops in frame rate evident in the film, which I hope will resolve before the final launch (the he does not lack time, ed).

The members of the editorial staff of Dualshockers they had the opportunity to attend the event face-to-face and reported a curious comment by Matt Booty. He would have said that Xbox has a real plethora of games on its side, which is making release planning difficult and causing a few problems. She then added how all the teams are working very hard, and how he appreciates the support of all the fans around the world.

Judging by the plethora of games presented on the stage of Xbox & Bethesda Game Showcase 2022 it is undeniable as the current year but above all the next 2023 will be really full of launches for the platforms Microsoft, and certainly there will be no shortage of stuff for various users to play, in fact it will probably be lacking time! Money? Those are now a problem of the past, because thanks to Xbox Game Pass all the games in the pipeline at the Redmond giant will be accessible from launch without spending an extra cent compared to the cost of the subscription.