Xbox Game Pass: Sony admits “defeat”

The antitrust investigations in the United Kingdom regarding the acquisition of Activision Blizzard from Microsoft. It is just as he was giving testimony regarding the fact that sony makes a strange statement; according to the Japanese multinational Xbox Game Pass would by now have largely surpassed PlayStation Plus.

Granted Sony wasn’t making a sales pitch at the time, at the time the Game Pass of Microsoft counts “only” 29 million usersfigure that the Plus has long since passed. However, Sony is noting the qualitative difference in the service which, superior in that of the US company, could over time lead to clearly overcoming the competition.

These are quite shocking statements if you think that, at the time of the launch of the Xbox Game Pass, Sony itself had spoken of how a service managed in that way was nothing more than counterproductive madness. Microsoft actually seems to be more than aware of the risk it takes every time with the free Pass games but at the moment the game seems to be worth the candle. Meanwhile, in response to the flattery of the Tokyo company, Microsoft lowers its head in turn, pointing out how Playstation you outclass them as exclusives. Both firms are recognizing their weaknesses as the UK investigations continue in the meantime.