Xbox Game Pass is in “crisis” according to Kotaku, but Xbox’s response is exemplary

Microsoft responds rather piquely to the new Kotaku article.

The well-known online portal Kotaku has published a new article very critical of Xbox Game Passwhere it claimed as the world-famous subscription service of Microsoft is facing its first “crisis“, This is because after years of convincing communication from the colossus of Redmond some fans are starting to feel bad mood for a variety of reasons.

According to this article by Kotaku in fact, after whole years in which the players have described the serve as a real “killer app”For a license plate console XboxMicrosoft’s subscription service has started trending in recent days for another reason: gamers claiming to unsubscribe. Obviously for the moment.

Is Xbox Game Pass Really In Crisis?

According to the aforementioned online portal, this wave of goodbyes of subscribers comes from the belief that Xbox Game Pass is failing to offer real value in line with the money required for the subscription. And according to this dissatisfied slice of community, the current big negative point of Game Pass there is one in particular: there is a great shortage of games Microsoft first party arriving in the service library since launch.

In fact, after users were able to obtain access at no additional cost to the prestigious first party versions of the Redmondsuch as Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon 5 in the last months of 2021in recent days Bethesda officially confirmed the postponement of two of its biggest upcoming games: the space RPG Starfield and the cooperative shooter Redfall (developed by the Bethesda Arkane subsidiary).

Both games were supposed to land on Xbox Game Pass this year, but have recently been postponed to the first half of 2023causing not a little disappointment of the fans, causing some farewells from the subscribers, again according to the article published by the aforementioned site.

And seen this new article by Kotakudecidedly critical, the Twitter channel of Xbox Game Pass posted a reply tweet that reads as follows:

“Tell me you limit yourself to triple A games only without telling me that you limit yourself to triple A games only

Having said this, it is good to point out that as early as next month there may be some important news on the service during theXbox + Bethesda Showcase 2022with the edition of 2021 that he saw Microsoft announce more than 20 games coming out on the Game Pass in the next months.