Xbox Game Pass, here are the first four games of December 2022

Microsoft has already announced the first four games coming to the subscription service.

When the official announcement of the first round of games is just a few days away Xbox Game Pass of the month of December 2022in this article we point out how in reality they already are four titles which will enrich the line up of the subscription service of Microsoft over the next few weeks.

And although it is obviously only a very small part of the games that subscribers to Game Pass they will be able to taste themselves in a few days, in reality it is already possible to notice at least one of them couple of items which can only make the fans happy.

In fact during the month of December 2022 Microsoft will release in Xbox Game Pass the expected High On Lifea title that we remember to have been created by one of the creators of the famous animated TV series Rick and Morty

Below you will find the four games already announced arriving in December 2022 in Xbox Game Pass:

  • Hello Neighbor 2 – December 6 (Console and PC)
  • Chained Echoes – December 8 (Console & PC)
  • Infinite Guitars – December 13 (console)
  • High On Life – December 13 (Console & PC)

Obviously it is important to underline that three of these four titles will be available in the subscription service not only on consoles Xboxesbut also up pc across the Game Pass. At this point, continue to follow us so as not to miss the official announcement of Microsoft as for all the other games that will be included in the line up of the service for the now imminent month of December.