Xbox Game Pass doesn’t hurt developers, says Mike Rose

The boss of No More Robots expresses his thoughts on the Microsoft service.

In these days Xbox Game Pass ended up at the center of some rather heated criticism, among those who judge the subscription service of Microsoft as deleterious for some productions present in it and those who believe that the service is going through a first crisis.

And in this rather turbulent situation, Mike Roseboss of No More Robotshe published two new tweets where he went to state that in his opinion it is not at all correct to think that theXbox Game Pass represent a bad for the developers.

Xbox Game Pass can lend a hand to many developers to repay the costs of developing their own productions

In fact, the developer stated that thanks to the Game Pass various development teams can recover from the day of launch of all the costs spent on the development of their project. Which, on the other hand, is not necessarily the case if the title in question is not included in the home subscription service Microsoft.

And the reasons for this last statement are quite simple: it is not automatic that a game manage to sell the necessary copies to be able to re-enter the development costsgiven that it is not possible to have the mathematical certainty that the public decides to trust a new project or not.

Below you can take a look at the statements of Mike Rose:

I’ve said this before, but I repeat: Xbox Game Pass guarantees success for dozens of developers every month, paying them the full development cost (and more) from launch day. Anyone who writes that Game Pass is bad for developers doesn’t understand how this industry works and should go away.

Let’s explain: Normally you launch a game that cost X to develop and hope that, along with marketing, it works enough for you to get X back so you can start making profits. If, on the other hand, you are on Game Pass at launch, chances are you have recovered X from launch day. What would you choose?