Xbox Extended Showcase: More on Hellblade 2, Forza, Hi-Fi Rush, Lies of P and High Life

Shortly after the Xbox Showcase from the weekend, Microsoft submitted an Extended Showcase and there was actually some information around.

The regular showcase is followed a few days later by the Xbox Games Showcase Extended – which has become more or less the norm for Microsoft presentations. Big surprises aren’t usually there anymore, it’s more about supplementary info, interviews and behind-the-scenes material. And Microsoft did indeed have some interesting additions and announcements coming up.

In an extensive developer diary, Ninja Theory gave an insight into performance capturing for the highly anticipated Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, which was introduced with a new trailer at the first showcase. If you are interested in something like this, you should definitely not miss the video:

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 – Developer Diary for Motion & Performance Capturing

At the Xbox Showcase there was finally another sign of life from Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 and in the Extended Showcase the developers also showed a lot about motion, or rather performance capturing.

To Forza Motorsport, which is finally due to appear on October 10th, there was also a juicy second helping. As part of an extensive gameplay demo, Turn 10 presented the racing simulation’s career mode:

Forza Motorsport – Official Career Mode Gameplay Demo

At the Xbox Extended Showcase, the career mode of the new Forza Motorsport was also presented as part of a gameplay demo.

fans of Hi-Fi Rush, the surprise hit that was released as Shadow Drop in January, can look forward to new content. The developers announced an Arcade Challenge update, scheduled for release on July 5th. The update will introduce new game modes like BPM Rush and Power Up! Tower Up! bring into play, but also new special attacks, challenges and much more.

Hi-Fi Rush – Trailer for the new Arcade Challenge update

The surprise hit Hi-Fi Rush gets a boost in the form of the Arcade Challenge Update with new game modes and new rewards.

For High on Life new content was also announced, which is expected to be released in the autumn. The new DLC is called High on Knife and leans toward horror comedy with new and familiar voice actors. The new melee weapon Knifey is originally voiced by John Cusack, while Harper is voiced by Sarah Sherman from Saturday Night Live.

High on Life – High On Knife – Teaser for the DLC

High on Life gets a DLC and it turns the game properly into a horror comedy.

If you haven’t played the Lies of P demo yet, you can find out more about a wide variety of features, including characters, weapons, attacks, monsters and bosses and much more, with the help of a new, almost ten-minute gameplay overview:

Lies of P – Almost ten minute gameplay overview from the Xbox Showcase

Neowiz once again gave an overview of the gameplay of Lies of P at the extended Xbox Showcase.

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