Xbox, despite being beloved by fans, the Xbox 360 Blade Dashboard will not be returning

According to Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb, the Blades style that characterized the Xbox 360 homescreen will not return

In 2005 with the launch of Xbox 360 The dashboard with a graphic theme known as Blades has been introduced and many nostalgic fans would like it to return to Xbox One consoles as well rather than Xbox Series X | Sbut it won’t happen.

The Blades graphics style of Xbox 360 will not be returning to Microsoft’s current consoles. Put away your handkerchiefs, no nostalgia effect.

According to the director of programming Larry Hyrb(also known as Major Nelson) on the Official Xbox Podcast on the possibility of a return to the past,

No, you will not be able to have the Blades graphic style back. It was lovable, it was nice, but you can’t get it back, because as they say in the business, it doesn’t integrate with our future plans, of what we intend to do with future consoles.

Hyrb has thus put a stop to speculation that Microsoftwhich is working on a redesign of the dashboard and which is also speculated on the release of two new homescreens, intends to reintroduce the Blades style.

the current Xbox One dashboard

The Blades style was popular at the time, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the beloved 360 console, the second console released by Microsoft. It’s not that difficult to understand why some longtime fans want that style to return to today’s consoles, but according to Larry Hyrb it won’t happen. So we just have to wait for news about the two homescreens, if it is only speculation, or if they will never come to light. Otherwise, we would like to remind you that some quite significant changes will be made to the dashboard user interface in 2023, as you can read here.

Below are some of the major changes coming with this one new dashboard:

  • The new line “Jump back in” (which in Italian translates to “Come back”) offers quick access to the most recently played games and apps.
  • You can easily access important system apps such as Settings, Store, Search and My games and apps through dedicated tiles on the Home.
  • Consistent design and visual identifiers with updated layouts to keep the experience familiar.
  • When you scroll down, you can see curated categories and recommendations tailored to your gaming preferences.
Xbox Dashboard 2023
a preview of the 2023 dashboard

In the meantime, we remind you how a user has recreated wallpapers to simulate the Xbox 360 dashboard for use on both current consoles.

In fact, a Reddit user has decided to create images inspired by the first 360 Dashboard so that they can be used as a background on the Microsoft home consoles. The user prasad1287 thus created these wallpapers that mimic the old Blades style. Click here to download them!

Plus the same Microsoft had celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the birth of Xbox by substantially changing the official website of Xbox to make it similar in all respects to one of the most popular consoles of all time: obviously we are referring to the 360.

The official Xbox site was presented in October 2021 in fact a home page incredibly similar to the first version of the 360 ​​dashboard, which in November 2021 will blow out no less than 17 candles. Those who have been lucky enough to own this console from Microsoft will therefore be able to immediately recognize it the classic cards positioned vertically, which we remember allowed users to roam around the home of the console with a certain clarity, speed and effectiveness.

Xbox 360 is a console produced by Microsoft with the collaboration of IBM, ATI Technologies and Samsung and succeeded the first console from Microsoft. The console made its official debut officially on MTV on May 12, 2005. Otherwise, detailed information on the games and the launch will be disclosed the following month, at E3 of the same year.

presentation video with Xbox 360 and Kinect
in the picture the new Xbox Series X | S and Xbox 360