Xbox Controller Elite Series 2 Core already finished in the hands of touts on Amazon and eBay!

It has just been launched on the market, but the Xbox Controller Elite Series 2 Core has already ended up in the hands of touts on Amazon who are reselling it on the same platform at a higher price. Even worse is the situation on eBay.

A few hours after launch were enough to see online stores and markets populated with ads a prices that in some cases are really crazy.

Amazon has not yet received any stock of the controller, but it is already available thanks to a third-party retailer who has decided to raise the price to 159 euros plus shipping, with only a 30 euro surcharge.


But as we said the crazy prices can be read on eBay where the increases on the list price almost double, going from 130 euros to 249 euros.

Where instead the controller continues to maintain its official price is the online storeAnd by GameStop, where it will be yours for 129.98 euros with free shipping!

After years in which we have seen all the colors between video cards and PlayStation 5, this one just did not expect it! Especially considering that this is not a limited edition or hard to find. In sum, real scams aimed at catching some unwary unfortunate who is not aware of the actual availability of the controllers.

Which is why we strongly suggest you to buy the controller from GameStop at this address, or in any other store that does not sell it at a higher price. We also point out that rather than spending a higher amount on a scalper, on Amazon you will find the classic Xbox Controller Elite Series 2 on offer at 159 euros.

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Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller for Xbox

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  • Save up to 3 custom profiles on the controller and switch between profiles whenever you want
  • Switch toggle covers, directional crosses and rear sticks to adapt your controller to your preferred play style
  • Stay in the game for a long time thanks to the rechargeable battery that lasts up to 40 hours and sophisticated components built to last