Xbox + Bethesda Showcase, including Quake, Indiana Jones and Gears of War Collection

Now here we are, the hottest period not only meteorologically speaking is coming. In just under two weeks, Xbox will hold its event “E3”(Even if there is no E3) named for the occasion Xbox + Bethesda Showcase.

The show expected for the next one June 12th it is certainly full of expectations for Xbox users (and not only), and as every year a few weeks / days from the date of the show, alleged lists of titles that will be shown appear on the net.

In principle, we trash all this pseudo news, however thanks to the many rumors that have emerged in recent months and we admit it, even with some perhaps excessive expectations we can have a vague idea of ​​what will probably be shown at the event.

A new rumor suggests the titles we will see at the event Xbox + Bethesda Showcase.

We will therefore find among the games that we will most likely see Starfieldwhich, fresh from the postponement, will finally be able to show itself in its semi-defined form with the first real gameplay.

Also Avowed it will probably show up in the new gameplay while regarding Redfall this will be revealed in a new trailer that will probably also communicate the launch date although it has also been postponed. Always according to the latest news from the corridor Diablo 4 will be the protagonist with a dedicated gameplay video.

Obviously, it cannot be missing Hellblade 2 And Forza Motorsport on appeal, which are perhaps in a more complete state of progress, while as regards Indiana Jones and the reboot of Quake maybe we will only see in-engine trailers or computer graphics.

The much talked about Gears of War Collection or Marcus Fenix ​​Collection instead, it could be announced with a lot of release date, but even here at the moment there are few confirmations on the matter.

Mention also for the chat Halo: The Endless which could be a new one DLC countryside for Halo Infinite.

Even “alone” with these names it would be a decidedly impressive show, to which in our opinion at least a couple of wow moments will be added, as per tradition that could be new announcements or the much talked about title developed by Hideo Kojima.

At this point all that remains is to wait for the next one June 12th to find out how many of these predictions were really spot on.