Xbox, Apple TV + among the new benefits for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers?

According to recent rumors it would appear that Xbox game pass ultimate is about to expand its offer by adding Apple TV+ and Apple Music to the list of Microsoft subscription benefits

The now popular subscription service Microsoft which allows you to take advantage of a huge range of titles including all the family games XBOX present from Day One as well as several third parties who decide to launch their own titles also at the launch in the subscription of the US house.

There are several indications that lead us to think that we could soon witness the arrival of services Apple TV+ And Apple Music on Xbox Game Pass Ultimateone of these clues is the arrival of two applications that will be dedicated to Apple TV+ And Apple Musicthus leading to think that they can be included in the final game pass with the function of rendering the services of the Apple more visible and make your Microsoft subscription even more attractive.

To further strengthen this theory, the twitter account over the weekend Lumia updates known for sifting through the Microsoft Store in search of those applications that are less known to the mass public, he posted an image on his profile containing the results of his research relating to Apple on the Xbox home store.

Obviously the most probable thesis is that Microsoft both leads to announcing some kind of promotional related ad Apple TV+limited to a few months.

You can also see how in the comments section of the tweet Lumia updates specified how they could be effective perks related just to game pass ultimate. However, the two Apple home services could come in the form of Free trialsdonated to users owning the Microsoft subscription.

We just have to wait for new developments, hoping that the already very extensive service provided by the house of Redmond can be further expanded for the sole benefit of us consumers. Also recently XBOX Game Pass has added several titles to its catalogue, with more arriving this November