Xbox and Stranger Things, is a new crossover coming?

Clues about it are popping up on the net!

When there are only a few days left until the official launch of the first part from the season 4 from Stranger Thingsin these hours a new twitter published directly from the account is rapidly making the rounds of the web Twitter officer of Xboxwhich suggests that some sort of collaboration is on the way between Microsoft And Netflix.

Unfortunately, however, at the time of writing this article it is not yet clear what this specidco consists of new crossover event between the gaming division of the giant of Redmond to which we owe among others Windowsand the famous and beloved TV series starring a group of aggressive and enterprising kids.

Xbox and Stringer Things may soon join forces in a new dedicated event

That said, in the new twitter posted by Microsoft you can read the sentence “All Gorgon, no demo“, All sublimated by a short clip that showcases the terrifying head of the first Demorgogonand then put the symbol of in the foreground Xbox with flashes of light aimed at making the scene a little more suggestive and more relevant to the classic style of the TV series Netflix.

And while waiting for additional information, not a few members of the community believe that in reality a new crossover event is coming that will allow fans to enjoy a new Conteststarring none other than a version custom from console and controller theme Stranger Things.

Finally, we remind you that the first part of the season of Strangers Things 4 will be released exclusively on Netflix from the day of Friday 27 May 2022. Instead for the second and last part it will be necessary to keep the day of the July 1st 2022.