Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct announced for January 25th! Starfield will not be there

Microsoft has confirmed that an Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct will be held on January 25, 21:00 Italian time, an event dedicated to some of the titles coming out in the coming months. The announcement was now in the air, also thanks to the statements of influencers and people close to the Xbox world such as Jez Corden or Aaron Greenberg. Starfield, as was by now predicted, will be a great absenteeso as to give due space to other Xbox exclusives such as Forza Motorsport, Redfall and Minecraft Legends.

“Join us for the #DeveloperDirect event, brought to you by Xbox and Bethesda and featuring important title updates from our studios. Follow us on January 25 at 21:00!”, reads the Tweet on the official Bethesda Italia page. A short teaser was attached with the Tweet where we can see images of the games mentioned in the first paragraph, plus a focus dedicated to ZeniMax’s online titles.

Forza Motorsport is in development at the Turn10 studios and will be the first racing simulation developed exclusively to take advantage of next-gen hardware. In addition to the use of Ray Tracing and a graphics sector that, at present, promises to be jaw-breaker, Turn10 will introduce several innovations that fans of the series have been waiting for several years now.


Redfall is instead developed by Arkane Studios, the software house behind the Dishonored series, as well as titles such as Prey and Deathloop. This four-player cooperative FPS will see us face off against vampires in a horror context. The developers were inspired by cooperative game pillars such as Diablo, Borderlands and especially Dungeons and Dragons.

Minecraft Legends, on the other hand, is a multiplatform role-playing RTS released on various consoles and on Day One on Xbox Game Pass. Set in the same universe as Minecraft, the game will take place during an invasion of piglin from the Nether, and the latter will spread its corruption in the Overworld. Players will have to fix this huge mess by gathering all the Mobs of the Overworld.

As expected, Starfield will not be attending the event. In fact, the game would have risked completely overshadowing the other titles which, however interesting or belonging to famous franchises, could not compete with one of the most anticipated games of the entire generation. We can therefore expect a dedicated event for the Bethesda space epic, and the public can’t wait.

Source: Twitter