Xbox 360 Gamerpics are also returning to Xbox One and Series X | S

Microsoft has announced a new version of the Gamerpics available for the recent consoles

All owners of a license plate console Microsoft they will remember as well as in the past Xbox 360 the Gamerpic they were really many and varied from each other. If you are one of those who preferred not to choose to use an old one Gamerpic due to the poor definition, don’t worry: Microsoft just announced a remastered version which is already available for use.

The old Xbox 360 Gamerpics are back

The US giant has decided to update the avatar collection which are made available to users Xbox to be able to customize their profile by adding a selection of the old ones to them Gamerpic from Xbox 360 in updated version for Xbox One And Series X | S. Many of these images were already present in the catalog of selectable avatars, but the quality had stopped behind in time and was not suitable for today.

And it is precisely for this reason that Microsoft has decided to make a restyling operation to be able to make the old icons in High Definition, thus marrying perfectly with the graphic needs of the latest generation consoles. This translates into the fact that in the avatar section you can find many new avatars that you can use and you can indulge yourself in customizing your profile as you see fit.

Below you will find the official tweet of the account Xbox in which he announces this new version of the avatars of Xbox 360, among which, we would like to underline it, new images have also been added to keep up with the times. Among them, for example, we find some dedicated to Starfieldnew exclusive Microsoft outgoing in 2023 and that we remember having recently shown herself in a gameplay video.