Would Electronic Arts have tried to sell the company to Disney?

A new report would see Electronic Arts frantically looking for a buyer among the tech giants

2020,2021 and 2022 as well as the years compromised by the epidemic from Covid they will also be remembered for another reason. In fact, in this three-year period the industry videogame has seen epochal changes thanks to the countless and impressive acquisitions implemented. From the giant Microsoft which literally overturned the bank with the acquisition of Bethesda before and Activision Blizzard then to Bungie passed under the PlayStation Studios And Square-Enix who sold part of his studies to Embracer Groupwe can’t really say we’re bored.

Apparently, however, there are still various negotiations in progress or concluded with nothing, and the last interesting report would see just Electronic Arts about to be sold, or at least trying to be acquired.
Contrary to what you may think, it wasn’t there Microsoft among the possible buyers, which at the moment has her hands tied by the huge deal Activisionand until this is completed it will not be able to throw itself on other companies, but other giants in the sector.

The protagonist of this alleged sale is the CEO of Comcast, Brian L. Roberts which he would try to unbundle NBCUniversal and merge it with the FIFA publisher.

It seems in fact that Electronic Arts was in favor of this change, due in part to the loss of the rights to the brand FIFA due to the doubling of the cost of licenses, also taking seriously the possible merging with other giants of the industry like Disney, Apple And Amazon.

According to several sources who have gathered information from the alleged talks between IT’S AT and some of the representatives of these entertainment giants, the acceleration towards a possible sale began after the deal MicrosoftActivision.

Another possible interpretation is that in reality IT’S AT would have been primarily interested in a merger agreement with Disneywhich if it had been realized would have allowed to Andrew Wilson to remain chief executive of the combined company.

At the moment the representatives of Disney, Apple And Amazon they all refused to comment on the matter, but according to what emerged Wilson would have sought the agreement in a “insistent“With Disney, which would have been the perfect candidate for a possible merger.

According to the report Electronic Arts she would approach the house of baby mouse during last March with the desire to create “a more meaningful relationship“Compared to the current simple license agreements in place that concern some projects related to theIP from Star Wars.

Disney however, after an initial initial analysis, he would have decided not to take the conversations to a later stage given that at the moment the current CEO of Walt Disney Robert Chapekwould have preferred focus more on other strategic objectivesincluding the expensive rights of the Indian Premier League.

It is fair to underline that at the moment the current report, albeit detailed and edited by expert journalists on the subject, is to be considered as mere speculation given that none of the protagonists mentioned has confirmed anything (obviously ed) and that despite the various no comment stakeholders, everything should be taken as a mere rumor.