World of Warcraft: Classic: Hardcore mode officially confirmed

Good news for players who can’t get enough of World of Warcraft: Classic or don’t feel challenged enough: Hardcore mode is coming and it’s officially.

As if World of Warcraft didn’t have enough to offer… after all, the MMO giant is fast approaching 20 years of existence. There are now basically two WoWs – the “newer” version, which recently received a new expansion with Dragonflight, and then of course World of Warcraft: Classic, which more or less continues the UI, controls and gameplay from the original.

The latter should now get another exciting expansion, which should appeal to die-hard veterans in particular. As Blizzard confirmed via Twitter, WoW: Classic will soon have a hardcore mode, apparently on separate servers. So far, there has only been a hardcore mode Community Rulebook, now it becomes an official game mode. Apparently no old servers are to be converted for this, but completely new servers are being set up.

Hardcore mode offers exactly what the name promises: you have exactly one life and if you catch it, the character is gone. Although, not completely gone, because you can at least re-enter the game as a ghost. Not to play, but at least you can still send messages and complete any guild formalities.

If you want it a little more intense, you can also devote yourself to PvP duels on the hardcore servers. Mak’gora (Duel to the death) should be available on the servers. As you can imagine, your character will also be lost forever if you lose in a duel. The only thing left to be decided is when the new HC servers will start.

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