World of War Tanks new season “Red Tigers” has begun.

World Of War Tanks

World of Tanks new season “Red Tigers” has begun on the console version, which is dedicated to Chinese expansion. Gamers are looking forward to new challenges, rewards, and content.

The Red Tigers season will last until April 19. Gamers will be able to earn points in modes such as “World War II” and “Cold War”. It will be possible to evaluate the new branch of Chinese tanks, non-standard game mechanics for old cars, thematic styles, three unique commanders (one for each type of combat pass) and updated maps.

  • The Great Wall
  • Hidden Village
  • Pearl River

From February 22, the game will introduce a fully new branch of Cold War Chinese tanks – one light tank, six medium tanks, and three heavy tanks.

The following machines will receive new game mechanics (multi-gun installation):

  • M3A2 Bradley,
  • BMP-1,
  • BMP-2,
  • BMP-3
  • Cobra Arctic H.I.S.S.

Furthermore, the developers claim that the game will return to commander customization (it will be possible to change the voice acting and name). Gamers will also have access to the commanders’ experience and talents exchange. It will be carried out with the purpose of obtaining silver.

The rewards are determined by the season pass level, which is divided into three categories:

  • Free pass with regular rewards, as well as Tiger I Hammer and Object 172M tanks;
  • Season Pass with special rewards, all free pass tanks, as well as 8.8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger and WZ-111 ’66 tanks;
  • A super pass with exclusive content, all tanks of free and season pass, as well as a new heavy tank Tiger I in the Czech version, equipped with a powerful and accurate gun with a drum for three shells with fast loading. This is the first “tiger” in the game, enhanced by the mechanics of the charging drum.

Details of the Red Tigers season can be found on the official website.