working on it is «like defeating a boss in Dark Souls»

There’s a time and a place for everything, and perhaps squeezing out unpleasant details on Twitter towards FromSoftware close to the The Game Awards it might seem like a fortuitous coincidence (especially if these have been around for some time but are only now making a comeback). With the exception of personal opinions, however after these tweets deepened the story by talking to some employees and ex of FromSoftware, to understand if all this was really real.

While the software house has not yet responded to colleagues, it seems that some sources have confirmed and others denied: we go from regular times for Japan, with many holidays in between and a ceiling until 10pm in the evening, to overtime placed at critical times. Unfortunately, however, it seems that these overtime hours were included in the contract, and therefore in the pay slip, and the extra hours after midnight paid at half price.

However, this does make one’s nose turn up a bit it’s about salaries: by some sources it has been defined as inadequate, resulting lower than the low value of the range defined by Salary Explorer. However, the other testimonials remain interesting, which come to define working in FromSoftware as difficult as a soulslike of the house:

The climate is a bit tense, in a certain sense. There is a lot of effort to do things right, but if you can overcome the obstacle it is very satisfying. It’s like defeating a boss in Dark Souls.

Finally, there is no shortage of positive experiences, both above all given that we work on AAA games, and for the passion that populates those who create video games.