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Today, May 20, 2022,2KAndGearbox SoftwareIs the new DLC for “Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and the Magical World”, “Kuishinbo!CondemnationHas started distribution.This DLC isSeason passIn addition to being included in, it can also be purchased separately.

Also, for one week (until 27th) from today, the latest numbering title “Borderlands 3” of the Borderlands series, which is the original spin-off work of this work, is being distributed free of charge.

DLC “Kuishinbo! Condemnation”

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Glutton’s Gamble Launch Trailer

Challenge that can be challenged immediately

Like other mysterious mirrors, “Kuishinbo! Condemnation” will help you to challenge a formidable dungeon and clear the main story.High-ranked lootYou can get it. Test your courage in this difficult and challenging challenge as you listen to Imelda’s past stories from Besper.

VesperOverworldofBright HoofIn the suburbsDream Veil OverlookI’m with her mirror.Of the enemy in the mirrorThe standard level is 13However, if the Fate Maker level is higher, the strength will be adjusted.Therefore, the fate maker who has just entered the adventure and the highest difficultyChaos levelFor both of the fatemakers trained in, the mysterious mirror adventure is challenging and repetitive. However, be aware that if you die in a mysterious mirror, you will be thrown out of the mirror. In that case, you have to start over to let Imelda know which one is better.

4 weeks boss battle and new treasure

“Kuishinbo! Condemnation”3 weeks after the start of distribution, Imelda creates new potions and repeatedly transforms into even more greedy monsters. As Imelda gets stronger and stronger,New legendary equipment joins the loot tableSo, let’s try again and again until you get it. In addition to these new items, those that randomly drop enemies in the mysterious mirror, and those that can be obtained by turning the wheel of fortune using the lost soul obtained in the battle of the world of mirrors. Various new customized items are available.

When will Imelda become a more powerful new form?Official websiteIn can be confirmed. Even if you start “Kuishinbo! Condemnation” after Imelda has become a new form, you need to defeat it in order from the first form. Besper will give you an idea of ​​what Imelda is thinking for each form, so let’s defeat all four forms and find out what happened.

More end games

If you clear “Kuishinbo! Condemnation” at least once, the 5 level layouts and the boss battle with Imelda will be played.Added to the pool of possibilities for chaos chambersThe variety of endgame dungeons will be further expanded. Combined with the weekly feature runs held from time to time in “Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and the Magic World” and the mini-game series held for a limited time, you can defeat the new form of Imelda every week. There are many things you can get. Imelda still cooks a cauldron full of suspicious dishes.

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Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and the Magic World: DLC
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Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and the Magic World: DLC