Wonder Boy Collection, review (Nintendo Switch)

When titles from the past are re-proposed, nostalgics as well as myself are always happy, especially when it comes to classics that have marked generations. Wonder Boy Collection contains all four chapters of the series, keeping faith with the original version with all the pros and cons of this choice. After all, however, we did not expect anything different, since two remakes some chapters had already landed on consoles in the past, along with a whole new one Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdomwhich received very positive opinions.

Wonder Boy Collection, 4 evolving titles

What can be seen by playing this collectionis the fact of how much they are the chapters are different from each otherin particular the first that presented itself as a basic platform beyond belief, while from the second chapter onwards more and more elements have been added to role play and adventure, up to give a real shape to the title. In fact, if placed one in front of the other, Wonder Boy it really has nothing in common with the other three titles.

Wonder Boy

The first title released in the distant past 1986, it made us take control of a caveman boy and was set in the prehistoric period. Without buts and ifs, the only purpose was to run from left to right of the screen, for finish the level before we have used up all our energy available, and in the meantime try to save our fiancée kidnapped by the evil King.

To remedy this, our awesome caveman boy could collect the fruit scattered in the level; this was going to fill the bar energy allowing us to go further. The levels, however, were littered with monsters and traps that would have stolen part of this energy upon contact.

Unfortunately the collisions And hitbox was inaccurate at the time and has remained inaccurate even now; pros and cons of having imported everything as the original.

Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Second title present in Wonder Boy Collection, originally released in 1987, and the first to trace the new path that this series would take with the new chapters. From this title in fact, in addition to having abandoned the prehistoric setting in favor of a more medieval, the game proposed a system of equipment which was going to change the strength and attributes of our character.

The pourpose of Wonder Boy in Monster World was to set out on an adventure to restore peace to the world, peace interrupted by a creature identified as a cruel dragon. The title also featured some exploratory components while maintaining its strong platforming base.

Wonder boy Collection

Wonder Boy in Monster World

From Monster Land in Monster World was not a short step. It took 5 years to allow this new title (considered by many to be the best of the series), in 1991 to land on the wonderful console SEGA Mega Drive. With Monster World, the genre of the series has been almost completely changed, directed more on the typology adventure with role-playing elements at the expense of the platform elements.

This change was highly regarded by users and critics alike, and it is no surprise that the first title in the series to enjoy a remake it was the third chapter, with Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. Obviously the third title of the Wonder Boy Collection also featured several graphical improvements and much more interaction with the various NPCs, which served to understand where to go and better explain events in the story.

Wonder boy Collection

Monster World IV

Last title present in Wonder Boy Collection and the first to have abandoned the initial word Wonder Boy; on the other hand it would have been really strange to use this title since the protagonist is for the first time in the series, a young girl named Ashawith the mission to save some spirits captured by evil sorcerers.

Arrived in 1994 always on console SEGA Mega Drive, this fourth chapter does not stray almost at all from its direct predecessor, offering the same adventure / role-playing mechanics and less and less those from platform. Here too there is a system of equipment and enhancement without which our young heroine will not go far.

Wonder boy Collection

Technically past and passable

There isn’t much to say from a purely technical point of view for the Wonder Boy Collection; the nostalgic will do a great thing in the past, immersed in that colorful graphics and those tunes that accompanied their games in distant times, for the new generation, on the other hand, unless they are addicted to the genre, it could be very bare, especially in the first two chapters. Too bad that, while wanting to keep the titles originals, the collision system and hitboxes could be improved a bit.

The version we tested is the one for the Nintendo Switch hybrid console, probably the best for this genre of games, given its portability.

Ultimately with Wonder Boy Collection, we are facing a very respectable collection, which nowadays brings strengths and weaknesses of its original versions.