Wo Long Fallen Destiny will arrive on Game Pass from Day One

The team explained why

In case you didn’t know, the next action game from Team Ninja, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one. If you’re wondering why the Japanese studio accepted this deal, it’s mostly related to the game’s multiplayer and the fact that the studio wants to reach as many people as possible.

Wo Long Fallen Destiny on Game Pass

Talking with NextGen Playerwho conducted the interview with TGS 2022the manufacturer of Wo Long Fumihiko Yasuda (director of Nioh 2) explained why they accepted that Microsoft hosted the game on Xbox Game Pass at launch.

Q: “Wo Long will be from day one on Game Pass. What prompted the team to choose the Game Pass route and how, has it already benefited from it? “

Yasuda-san: “It’s totally new for us to be on Xbox Game Pass since day one. We are making a very difficult game and we are not sure what everyone will think about it, but by making it available immediately on Game Pass many players who may have never played this game will have the opportunity to do so and we will have even more players around the world who never.

So yes, this is great news for us at Koei Tecmo Games and for Team Ninja and it is something that excites us a lot. We also think it will be really great for multiplayer with so many people to play with and that it will really increase the number of people available to join your party and take on the bosses. “

The release of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is scheduled for 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S And PC.

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