with Bungie you aim for the cross-platform market!

Sony PlayStationwe know well, is one of the major brands when it comes to video games. Over the years the company has been able to transform itself in a real status symbolgoing to establish itself on the market with exclusives perceived as maximum expressionand of the medium.

However, despite the incredible success of the multinational, Sony has infinitely smaller economic power than Microsoft, and that became even clearer after the incredible acquisitions of the Redmond company.

Alongside large purchases, the Japanese multinational must instead place perhaps less spectacular shots but precise and in line with its identity and philosophy. The recent purchase of Bungie has, in this regard, surprised. Here are some thoughts on changing strategy of PlayStation.

bungie playstation

Sony and the acquisition of Bungie. Cross-platform strategy?

As clarified not too long ago, Although officially owned by Sony, Bungie will continue to churn out titles and products for the cross-platform market. This, therefore, it is a strong signal of the change in strategy of the Japanese company. No longer a single focus on the proprietary console market but a concrete expansion on the PC side and with Bungie in the context of multiplatforms.

Shuhei Yoshida

The same Yoshida, in the middle of a company briefing, he clarified matters. Here are some of his words:

“…give access to our games to as many users as possible “.

The God of War and Days Gone operations are a concrete example of this and we believe this to be a more than sensible move, if we think that Microsoft has already understood in the previous generation the importance of aim for maximum accessibility it’s atthe benefits that such a large slice of users can bring.

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In short, a clear change of course that will be good for the coffers of this important giant of the gaming market.