will the RTX 4090 be unveiled? Find out live with us this afternoon!

They are missing now a few hours to the September 2022 NVIDIA GeForce Beyond live stream, to be held this afternoon. Although the contents of the event have not been revealed, everything points to a possible announcement of the RTX 4090 video cards and maybe even something more.

For the occasion we will hold a new live on Twitch and Youtube during which we will comment on all the announcements made by the American GPU manufacturer. We are therefore waiting for you a few minutes before 17:00 to dive into the hardware news that NVIDIA will have to show us.

You can follow our live streaming, as always translated and commented by Roberto Buffa in three ways:


As we said the announcement of the new NVIDIA RTX 4090 video cards is quite likely. To support this thesis, in addition to the fact that it is the right time to make an announcement of this type, some leaks from recent days that point in this direction. In particular we point out two. The first are photos of the NVIDIA RTX 4090 produced by Zotac ready to be packed and shipped around the world. The second is the publication of the alleged technical specifications of the RTX 4090 and two versions of the RTX 4080 by various insiders.

We hope to see something more, discover some further news on Ray Tracing and DLSS and finally find out when the RTX Series 40 video cards will arrive on the market.

We therefore renew you the appointment for this afternoon just before 5pm on Twitch and Youtube.

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