Will the PS5 Pro have double the power of the base model?

Insiders keep talking about the new and hypothetical PS5 enhanced model.

In recent months the web has welcomed quite a few rumors and indiscretions regarding PS5 Prohypothetical enhanced model of the next generation console of Sony Interactive Entertainment which should land on the market around the world in the next few years.

And seen the big chat above, RedGamingTechyoutuber specialized in technical analysis, decided to contact some of his sources, remained anonymous for obvious reasons but considered by the content creator as definitely reliable, so as to ask him if in that of the Japanese company they are really working on a new model of PlayStation 5.

PS5 Pro continues to be at the center of insider indiscretions

Well according to what has been confirmed by these sources, the information coexisted by the leaker Foxy correspond to the reality of the facts, with Sony Interactive Entertainment actually struggling with the making of a PS5 Procharacterized by a double the power in normal rendering and even 2.5 in the management of Ray Tracingobviously compared to what the basic model currently affordable.

Find below the insider’s statements:

I actually said that a while ago, with my own sources claiming that this is a 2X increase in standard rendering and 2.5X increase in Ray Tracing performance. It is also likely to use a new graphics architecture.

Precisely in this sense, in fact, I discovered some time ago a Sony patent that shows a completely different implementation of Ray Tracing compared to what the RDNA 2 does. PS5 Pro will not be launched before 2024, more likely 25 (always assuming that it does )

At the end of this article, as we always repeat in these cases, take everything with due caution, remembering how it is at least for the moment pure and simple indiscretions not officially confirmed by Sony.