Will the little dragon be back in 2023 for the 25th anniversary? A Tweet from Toys for Bob suggests it

Spyro could return in the course of 2023 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the series. This is suggested by a Tweet published on January 10 by Toys For Bob, the software house managed by Activision famous for having created Crash 4: It’s About Time and having created Spyro’s own Re-ignited Trilogy. After bringing back such a famous PlayStation icon, the software house could repeat itself with Spyro 4.

The Tweet already heralds news arriving in 2023. In the image there are several references to video games. One of them is Ghost from Call of Duty, which is clearly visible in the lower left corner of the New Year greeting card. At the top left, however, a small silhouette of Spyro peeps out. To fuel the hypotheses about his return there is also the “25” to accompany the little dragon.

This number indicates the anniversary of the franchise. In fact, Spyro made his debut in the gaming world way back in 1998, when the title was released on the first PlayStation. The character then came back up old-gen with a very strong Remastered that included the first 3 chapters. It was a similar operation to the one on the Crash Bandicoot franchise. Of one Spyro 4 was already talked about in 2021, when a voice actor accidentally anticipated its existence.


The franchise is now in the hands of Activision and, indeed, this casts shadows on the possible exit platform of this new Spyro chapter. Will it be Xbox Series X exclusive or will it also be released on PlayStation 5, given that the acquisition should be completed in mid-2023 anyway? Maybe. In the meantime, we’ll be watching with interest for any announcements regarding Spyro 4.

Source: Twitter