will the exclusive PlayStation land on PC?

It is a fact that PlayStation will release more and more of its games on PC. Now the question is no longer how many exclusives PlayStation 4 And PlayStation 5 will arrive on Steam and Epic Games Store, but when and at what price.

Returnal: an important clue

Fans of Returnal (the fast-paced roguelike shooter of Housemarque) are in raptures since di recently the title appeared in the register of SteamDBthis has given hope to PC gamers eager to try this adventure. There is not much information about it and at the moment from PlayStation have not yet confirmed this alleged landing of the exclusive on PC.

We remind you that God of War had appeared on SteamDB shortly before the official confirmation of the port on Steam and Epic Games Store. However, Sackboy: An Adventure in a Big Way also appeared in the database to date has not yet been confirmed by the Japanese multinational.


The next exclusive PlayStation which will debut on PC should be Uncharted: Thieves’ Legacy Collection. However, despite its launch being announced in parallel with its PlayStation 5 edition, to date it does not count with any release date beyond an apparent leak not confirmed by PlayStation.

Returnal was released a year ago on the PlayStation 5 and will be one of the titles of the Playstation Studios to be part PS Plus Extra and Premium. In Returnal you will take control of Selene who will be forced to fight tooth and nail to survive in an ever-changing alien world, forcing the player to adapt their play style to face ever-changing challenges. You can learn more about the proposal by reading the Returnal analysis.

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