Will Sly Cooper 5 and Infamous be announced for PlayStation 5?

Infamous could closely accompany the announcement of Sly Cooper 5 for PlayStation 5as several insiders claim, including the page AccountNGT – both announcements would be scheduled for one PlayStation Showcase which should be held towards the end of the summer, which if proved true would mean that the team sucker Punch he is already working on two major projects.

Will Infamous return to PlayStation 5?

This is supported by the same leaker who can boast of having successfully anticipated the existence of Star Wars Eclipseand he claims the game will be unveiled by the end of 2022. He can’t say if the game will be unveiled sooner or later Sly Cooper 5, however. No details on hypothetical launch dates.

If you are skeptical about it it is understandable, after all Infamous is a series that has stopped for a long time, since the days of the first standalone expansion of Infamous Second Sonuntitled First Light and debuted way back in 2014. Since then we have already heard about the return of the series, however those rumors faded into thin air. It could very well happen this time too, after all sucker Punch in recent years he has spent every effort on Ghost of Tsushimareason why Sly Cooper And Infamous they were set aside.

However with Ghost of Tsushima now launched for some time, it cannot be excluded that the team may return to look at its valid IPs left behind for simple space issues. As always speaking of rumors it is good not to trust too much, but it is also wrong to completely ignore the rumors that could instead be noted as simple possibilities. In any case, to find out if there is any truth behind this rumor, all we have to do is wait a few more months.

You would appreciate a return of Infamousdressed again on next-gen Sony? If we cross our fingers: given the amount of insiders who support this reality, the possibilities that all of this actually materialize certainly do not seem to be lacking. Let us know what you think: what you would like to see retained from the old title and what you would like to see changed. Tell us in the space reserved for comments!

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