Will PlayStation Plus Premium welcome trophies for classic games?

A tweet from Bend Studiointernal software house ai PlayStation Studioshas sparked the hopes of many Trophy Hunter, those players who love to hunt for trophies in games in order to expand the list of platinum titles to be emblazoned with. This hope is that in the near future the classic titles, namely those of generations from PlayStation One at the PlayStation 3receive a trophy system.

Will classic PlayStation titles have trophies? To say it is early, but it is possible that at least Siphon Filter will have them:

Bend Studio is known for recent work on Days Gonea title warmly welcomed by the market but still appreciated by several gamers devoted to PlayStation. The same team also dealt with Siphon Filternow historic title belonging to the first generation of consoles Sony. The tweet we are talking about refers to the possibility that, with an upcoming update, the title will receive support for the trophy system.

The possibility, at least for that title, is there and it also seems quite concrete, since the communication comes from the official page of the development studio on Twitter, but it is not clear if it is limited to this case or if in the future it can expand to other titles, perhaps unlocking trophies for many of the classic titles available in PlayStation Plus Premium.

Probably knowing the origin of this initiative would be useful to guess what we can expect: if the idea comes from within Bend Studio it is not guaranteed to expand, although it may surprise the upper floors. If, on the other hand, the idea comes from PlayStation then it is more plausible to think that in the future other securities will be destined to receive the same treatment. At the moment, unfortunately, the details necessary to get a clearer idea of ​​what to expect are missing.

Of course it is news that will appeal only to trophy hunters. The others will hardly be stimulated by this change alone to return to old titles: if they wanted to return, they would do it anyway, with or without trophies. What do you think anyway? You like the idea that the classic titles of the eras PlayStation can they expand to include trophies? Tell us in the comments space below, and let’s discuss it together.

About PlayStationyou have read of the statements of a member of the company, which revealed as the acquisition of Bungie is a step for the company to open up to the multi-platform market? The intent was already clear since the studio will remain independent and it was already known that it would continue with the production of titles for each platform, but undoubtedly opens up possibilities that have not been considered until now.