Will Modern Warfare 2 Include a PS VR2 Exclusive Mode?

A new indiscretion reveals it!

According to the information that is leaking on the net in these hours, Infinity Ward he would have decided to also insert a rather surprising modality in that of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIdedicated to none other than the Virtual reality.

According to these rumors, in fact, the American development team would have decided to include in the direct sequel of the soft reboot landed on the market of 2019a mode dedicated exclusively to the new virtual reality viewer at home Sony Interactive Entertainment: obviously we are referring to the PlayStation VR2.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II may include a PlayStation VR2 exclusive mode

The rumors then continue revealing how this unprecedented mode of Modern Warfare II should immerse fans in the shoes of a level 1 operator. That said, it’s good to point out that this wouldn’t be the first time Infinity Ward throws himself headlong into the virtual realityhaving previously published “Jackal Assault VR Experience” for Infinite Warfare.

And given this last element, it is not at all excluded that the American development team can still see in the technology of the VR a great opportunity to try and do something different for the series call of Duty.

Precisely in this sense, moreover, we remember how yesterday Sony announced a new one State of Play set for hours 23:59 of the day of June 2, 2022also revealing that during this digital event, fans will be provided with a preview of several games in development for PlayStation VR 2.

And given what we have reported in this article, at this point it is not at all to be excluded that during this new one SoP this new and hypothetical modality can be announced Modern Warfare II dedicated to Virtual Reality.