Will Krysten Ritter be Jessica Jones in a new Marvel project?

Krysten Ritter could return in the role of Jessica Jones in a new Marvel Cinematic Universe project, which may be coming soon.

There is no doubt that some of the most satisfying moments for Marvel fans have been the reappearance of Charlie Cox as Daredevil e that of Vincent D’Onofrio for Wilson Fisk. The two characters were part of the Netflix series Dare devil, canceled in its third season, although fans were eager to receive more from the show. Following the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home A new series has been announced, this time on Disney +. Now it appears that Jessica Jones, played by Krysten Ritter, will also be making her entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe directly from Netflix.

The project that will involve the actress is still unknown, and the news itself has not been officially confirmed. Although viewers would like to see her play a role in a series that follows the lines of Dare devilcould first be re-presented with a simple cameo, winking at the actual work in which Krysten will have a central role. The cameos of Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio had met with some success among fans, so it makes sense that Marvel decides to repeat the experience with Jessica Jones as well.

Disney seems keen to incorporate all Marvel shows into their streaming platform, including Netflix productions. Initially it was not clear what the future of these characters would be, children of canceled or unsatisfactorily terminated series, especially considering how loosely they were related at the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the doors to cross are innumerable.

Recall that the first season of Jessica Jones was released on Netflix on November 20, 2015 and, just like with Daredevil, the series has been very successful and received positively. Several years later it was followed by a second season, while a third came in 2019. Then the cancellation of the series has arrived. Jessica Jones fans can’t wait to see her return to the small screen, and a Marvel project might be ideal.