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Valorant: Will it be possible to ban the maps?

Valorant, the first person shooter of Riot Games had some critical issues especially after the addition of some maps that, according to the players, are really unplayable. Despite this, however, the community has continued to support the work and still enjoys a large number of users in its lobbies being still one of the most popular in the sector. Apparently, however, big news are about to arrive, especially as regards the competitive one.

The news comes directly from the development team through an Ask Valorant session, a format in which the team behind the game answers the questions of its users. Once this question was asked, the answer was that it was not currently planned to insert a feature that allows you to select or ban certain maps before starting the game. Despite this they have also stated that they would still like to explore a similar option in the competitive, however although the idea seems very good nothing is guaranteed yet.

So for the moment we have no official news but only rumors put around by the developers themselves, so now we just have to wait. In the meantime, let us know what you think of a possible possibility of being able to ban maps in the competitive mode of Valorant with a comment below and stay tuned to MonkeyBit for always fresh news and guides but above all to be always updated on the world of video games.