Will Final Fantasy XVI be the protagonist of the 35th anniversary event?

A new indiscretion wants Square Enix be ready to hold a new event dedicated entirely to 35th anniversary Of Final Fantasyscheduled for February 7, 2023. In fact, this rumor reveals that the showcase dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Final Fantasy will take place on February 7thwith a duration of about 1 hour and 24 minutes, showing quite a few titles belonging to the series including a full-bodied study dedicated to the sixteenth chapter.

Based on the rumors, the presentation will include a promotional video for both Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster and Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, as well as offering a first-ever look at the Ninth Chapter Remake, presented directly by Hironobu Sakaguchi.

But the surprises are not over yet, since this show should also show Final Fantasy X-3, a new trailer for VII Rebirth titled “Memories”, and an announcement dedicated to World of Final Fantasy II: A Mog of Light and Stories from Ivalice: War of the Lions.

Obviously, however, the protagonist of this event should be Final Fantasy XVIa new chapter developed by the team led by Joshi-P which will arrive on the market on June 22, 2022, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

But according to this indiscretion, Square Enix intends to make things big with this showcase, also presenting news on FF XI/FF XIV Subscription Unity Project, FF XI Beginnings Rework Project and finally also FF XIV A Realm Reborn Anniversary revealed directly by Naoki Yoshida .

At this point we just have to wait a few more weeks, so as to see if Square Enix will confirm this rumor by officially announcing the new Showcase dedicated to the Japanese role-playing game series Final Fantasy.