Will Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 be announced at the June 17, 2022 event?

Is the announcement of the game approaching?

Yes, in a couple of days Square Enix will hold a new digital event entirely dedicated to twenty-fifth anniversary from Final Fantasy VIIwith fans who therefore hope that in this new communication event the Japanese publisher will finally be able to reveal new information on the second and highly anticipated part of the Remake of the game.

And given this firm and precise desire of the fans, in this article we try to answer the fans’ question: but Part II will be shown at the showcase of the June 17? Or the time has not yet come for the official presentation by Square Enix?

Will Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II really be unveiled at the June 17, 2022 event?

Obviously we start immediately by saying that, at least at the time of writing this article, we are absolutely not given to know what the intentions of the Japanese publisher are, with the web that has received in recent days rather discordant rumors between them about the presence from Final Fantasy VII Remake: Part II.

In fact, some Japanese sources, quite reliable when they talk about the series Final Fantasythey said that at the moment nothing has been leaked on the net regarding the official announcement of Part II. And given this fact, it is reasonable to imagine that Square Enix can present during the event dedicated to the twenty-fifth anniversary of the seventh Final Fantasy some minor content.

Among these, in fact, it is impossible not to think of some announcements related to the other projects in the compilation, such as for example Advent Chlidren, Crisis Core, Before Crisis And Dirge of Cerberus. Or still it is not at all to exclude the announcements regarding the arrival of a new animated series, film or comics, in addition to the rumored arrival of the version Intergrade on console Xbox.

Finally it is impossible not to exclude a reveal from Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II by sharing the simple logo, to then publish the first announcement trailer at a more important event, such as a PlayStation Showcase.