Will Final Fantasy 11 be closed in 2022? Square Enix sheds light and reassures fans!

Final Fantasy 11 may be leaving us later this year. According to some rumors, the famous MMO could be closed by the end of 2022. In response to these rumors, Square Enix he wanted to reassure all his fans.

Final Fantasy 11 director Yoji Fujitoin fact declared: “Following some past statements, there may be some people who are worried that the game may be closed in 2022. I absolutely don’t think you need to be worried that something like this will happen in the short term.“.

His words would be similar to those revealed by producer Akihiko Matsui which had revealed to continue working on Final Fantasy 11. The game was initially released on PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 but in 2016, all of these versions were closed except the one for PC which can be played.


The great success of Square Enix, however, is now another MMO of the same family: Final Fantasy 14. The director of the title is already working on the next expansion.

Also, two years ago, Final Fantasy 16 premiered during the State of Play dedicated to PlayStation 5. We remind you that it will arrive soon on PC and on Sony next-gen consoles, where it is temporal exclusive. The title aims to detach itself from the other Final Fantasy with a much more mature plot than in the past.

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Source: Eurogamer