where to find all the Special and Mythic weapons in Season 4

After a summer break finally Fortnite returns to devote himself to the main events of the plot, which continues in a very particular way in the fourth season of the third chapter of the game. A viscous substance called Chrome has in fact infected the island and will give the player several new possibilities. Chromium is a viscous substance with various functions and, once we have been infected with it, it will be possible to use it in different ways. It will in fact be possible to acquire a temporary form “blob”That will make us immune to bullets, particularly fast in addition able to dissolve constructions enemies.

The arrival of Chromium also caused several changes in the map like the appearance of the Temple of the Herald or the shift in the sky of the Canyon Condominiumnow called Cumulonimbus condominiums. There are also several weapons that take advantage of Chromium obtainable in various ways. The new weapons I am the Boom Sniper obtainable from Rustler to Shifty Shaftsthe Dub Shotgun provided to us by Mancake to Rocky Reelsthe Shadow Tracker Pistol that will give us Sunbird or Moon Hawk at the Temple, the Chug Cannon from Kyle to the Chop Shop and the Herald’s Burst Rifle that we will have from the Herald in his Temple.
All of these new items will be obtainable in different points on the map and it will be almost impossible to accumulate them all in one game. Some are distributed by NPCs while others can be found around; other news of the season are in fact the maximum and minimum security shelters, bunkers protected by one or two keys that will contain particularly rare items. To accompany all these news there are obviously also several original Fortnite skins that will arrive together with that of Spider Gwen. Fortnite officially resumes in style this September.