Where are the bookmarks in Yandex Browser on Android, how to find and open them

Where are the bookmarks in Yandex Browser on Android, how to find and open them.

Yandex Browser is one of the most popular web browsers available on both mobile devices and computers. It is used to visit websites and has many features that make it easy to access the information you want. One of these features is that of bookmarks. Therefore, it is important to understand what they are, where bookmarks are located in Yandex Browser on Android, and how they can be edited and deleted.

What are bookmarks?

Before finding bookmarks, it is important to understand what they are. In general, if we talk about the function of a web browser, its purpose is similar to what we put in a book to return to the correct page.

A bookmark in a browser is a link to a web page on the Internet. Creating a bookmark therefore saves you from having to search for a website each time you visit it, or typing its address in an address bar. A bookmark makes accessing resources much easier and faster.

Of course, a bookmark can be a link not only to an entire website, but also to an individual page. You may have started reading an interesting article, but soon decided to leave it for later. Then, by adding a link to the page as a bookmark, you can continue reading at any time, simply by opening your favorites list and selecting the corresponding material.

How to create them

The principle of bookmarking individual websites and pages is quite simple and not difficult for ordinary users. However, if you are running Yandex.Browser for the first time, you may not immediately find the button to use a certain function. Therefore, we recommend adding a site using the following instructions:

  • Start Yandex Browser.
  • Open the page of interest on the Internet, be it the home page of a website or a link to an individual item.
  • Tap the three-dot button at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Select “Add to favourites” from the available options.

The “Add to Favorites” option is accompanied by an asterisk icon. In the Yandex.Browser menu, it is next to other icons that are necessary to access functions such as page translation, «Share» and switch to reading mode.

So if you want to not only bookmark a page, but also, for example, pre-translate it, click the “Translate page” button via the popup or use other options. It will also be useful to know that not only can the link be saved in the browser via a bookmark, but it can also be placed on the desktop for quick access. To do this, use the “Add shortcut” option.

Favorites list

Once you’ve created a bookmark, you’ll probably need to find it. Unfortunately, once the user launches Yandex.Browser, only hyperlinks to associated resources, either Gosuslugi or VK, open for him. The link you’ve saved to a particular resource goes a bit deeper, and you’ll need it to access it:

  • Start your web browser.
  • Click on the icon showing the number of open tabs (located to the right of the Yandex search bar).
  • Click on the asterisk button.

In the “On device” tab, you will find each of the bookmarks that you have previously saved on your mobile phone. Each of them is an interface element with a description of the page and an exact address.

Bookmarks are stored on your mobile phone as separate files, but to access them you will have to get root rights and use a special file manager. This is quite a complicated and unhelpful process, so we suggest leaving it alone and moving on to a much more important procedure: editing previously added bookmarks.

Edit a created bookmark

You may have various reasons for changing a bookmark you have created. You may have saved the wrong page, or you may not be happy with your name. Then you will have to change the default configuration:

  • Open the favorites list according to the instructions above.
  • Hold your finger on the hyperlink.
  • Select the “Change” option through the pop-up window.

The list of editing options is very limited, but what more can you expect from an ordinary link to a specific site or page. The menu consists of only two items:

The first offers a suitable name for the link, so you don’t have to search for it later among the many bookmarks, while the second allows you to edit the address. This last option is rarely used and most users can simply change the name of the page.

Once you’ve edited the address or page name, don’t forget to hit the “Save” button. Otherwise, the changes will not take effect. Also, if you make a mistake while editing or decide not to change the bookmark, hit the “Cancel” button. This will automatically take you to the main screen of Yandex Browser.

Delete a bookmark

When you dare to look at a list of saved sites and pages, there is a chance of finding a lot of unnecessary links as any information loses its relevance. Let’s say you’ve created a bookmark to reread the material after a while. After reading it, of course, the point of having a bookmark is no longer relevant, and then the question of removing it arises. You can do this by following the instructions below:

  • Start Yandex Browser.
  • Open the list of saved pages and sites.
  • Highlight the link of interest.
  • Among the suggested options, select “Delete”.

Now after pressing the asterisk button, you will not find the link that was previously removed. However, remember that if the deletion was done by mistake, you will not be able to recover the link. You will have to search for it again in your browser and add it to your favorites list.

Additional options

Yandex.Browser bookmarks can not only be edited or deleted, but also other manipulations can be performed with them. For example, if you hold your finger on a hyperlink, you’ll see a dialog with the following options:

  • Edit;
  • Copy the link;
  • Open in the background;
  • Add to bookmark;
  • Share;
  • Move on;
  • Erase.

We have already seen the first and the last option before, so now we are going to focus on other no less important tricks. So when you click “Copy Link”, you save the page address to the clipboard, and then you can paste it into the address bar or send it via messenger.

However, it is much more convenient to send links to specific websites using the “Share” option, which offers several delivery options to choose from immediately. The “Add to table” option allows you to place a bookmark on the home page of the Yandex Browser application in order to access the resource of interest more quickly. And the “Move” option helps to change the folder where the hyperlink will be stored.

Synchronization between devices

At the beginning of this article, we have mentioned that Yandex Browser is a cross-platform browser that can be used on both a mobile phone and a computer. As a general rule, the average user has both devices at his disposal and uses them depending on the situation. Finally, it is important to tell you how to synchronize Yandex.Browser so that the same bookmarks are on the computer and on the phone.

To activate sync, you will need:

  • Open Yandex.Browser on your mobile phone.
  • Access your Yandex account, which is usually an email account.
  • Click the three dots button (located to the right of the search bar).
  • Select the “Turn on sync” option.
  • Select the account for which the option should be set.

Keep in mind that when you activate the option, not only your bookmarks are synced, but also other important items, such as passwords, search and browsing history, and input forms. If you only want to sync saved web pages, do the following

  • Start Yandex Browser.
  • Press the three dots button.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Open the “Synchronization” tab.
  • Uncheck unnecessary items.

Also, there is an option “Turn off sync” in the above menu. Disabling this feature blocks the transmission of information about saved pages, passwords, and other data to your computer. And if the synchronization is active, you can easily find your bookmark, either on your mobile phone or on your computer. But only if you use the same account on both devices.