When the game becomes a job: the croupier

The world of video games it is really very vast and includes different themes, among these we also find the gamble, but in these cases there is an age limit to be respected. More and more games for smartphones, PCs or consoles are casino-themed, with the possibility not only of having fun, but also in some cases of being able to win sums of money. By the way they also exist slot machines themed video games, in short, they are two worlds that often blend together to meet the needs of the various players.

The theme of the game, whether it is gambling or includes the videogame environment, allows you to earn considerable sums of money, sometimes you even get to make one profession. For example, how many kids have become rich simply by playing the PlayStation, but also the gamble requires a professional figure who plays a key role in this field. We are talking about the croupier and we want to deepen the topic by highlighting the main characteristics that you need to have to become a professional in this sector.

The characteristics of the croupier

If there are those who dream of being able to earn by playing video games, there are also those who aim to become a croupier, a job that is certainly not easy to do. One wonders at this point how to become a croupier, what technical background and character you need to have in order to enter this type of profession. The way forward includes passion for this sector, clearly knowing the rules of each type of gamblebut also a sociable character base and great ability in calculation.

To become a croupier, it is also possible to be a croupier online casinothe predisposition to this type of work is fundamental, which relies above all on the maximum concentration, on the speed of action and on a Good knowledge of the English language. The croupier is the figure who is in contact with many people every day, all different from each other and it is important to know how to relate to others by adapting to their personality. Mathematical knowledge should not be underestimated. The croupier will have to think quickly when, for example, it is necessary to pay the winners by dividing the sum.

Speed ​​must also be present in the movements, being embarrassed when, for example, the cards are dealt is certainly not nice to see for the customer. You have to know how to move smoothly if you want to become a croupier, as well as always keeping the stake high concentration. The risk of finding yourself in front of someone who wants to be smart is very high, so attention to all the details must be essential. There is therefore no lack of pressure, it is not a simple profession, but for those who love this environment it can be an interesting job aspiration.

How much does a croupier make?

In fact, you can make a career in this sector and the pay is certainly not low. Generally the croupier ends up with a basic salary of 1200 euros, but to this must always be added a 50% tip which more often than not can also be quite generous if the payout is really very high. The better you are, the more you then have the possibility of reaching more prestigious positions, such as that of pit bosses who supervises the tables, assigns the croupiers to each of these and here the monthly salary also reaches 5,000 euros. A well paid profession.