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No Man’s Sky: what’s new in the Leviathan update

No Man’s Sky is without a doubt one of the most controversial titles in history. Until a few years ago, talking about the title of Hello Games was equivalent to talking about a disappointment, not only because of the hopes of the fans. The manufacturer, pressed by a large publisher like Sony, had to conclude everything in a hurry, leaving the immense universe created procedurally incredibly empty. Since then, the guys of this software house have rolled up their sleeves by packaging, update after update, some real goals for the great opera called No Man’s Sky.

To date we are talking about a really interesting title with an immense variety of things to do, variety that with the new update could expand again. Leviathan in fact wants to add to the immense space of the work galactic creatures, mostly space whales, and a new game mode. We are talking about a sort of Roguelike experience in which armed with only one life we ​​will have to complete our main mission, on which we do not want to dwell further.

The developers talked about breaking a certain loop that will be done in a single blow, thus dramatically increasing our attention to the surrounding world. Among the many dangers that the various planets present we can find the Leviathan which gives its name to the entire update. Players will have to work together to find out more about this new entity and to delve deeply into the legend and myths concerning it.

No Man's Sky

In No Man’s Sky we will no longer be alone as we once were and the community, increasingly large and loyal, will help us survive during our difficult life-long adventure. Once again Hello Games is keen to underline that its players are the real lifeblood of the title proving to be a development house to which we are now very fond of. For other news, guides and original content, keep following us here on MonkeyBit and on our social networks.